Ground Source Heat Pump

Why have we installed this?

How does it work?

A GSHP moves energy from one place to another, using electricity. The technology is the same as a fridge – but working in reverse! For 1 unit of electricity energy in, you can get up to 4 units of heat out (i.e. an ‘efficiency’ of 400%.) The diagram shows how energy in the ground under the building is absorbed by water pumped through a borehole, 50m deep and returned via a second borehole, buried in the garden. The heat pump replaced our old gas boiler and supplies our hot water and heating.

Isn't that expensive?

Although the Capital Cost of a GSHP is significant, the annual cost of running the system will be much less than a gas boiler. We estimate that after 14 years the project will have more than paid for itself. The project was funded by a generous bequest by a member of our church, supplemented by donations from other church members.

Ultimately the cost to our world is too great not to invest in clean energy.