Creation Prayer Walk

Take time to reflect on God's creation, provision and promises on this short (1km) walk starting at the church.

Walk 1  

From the garden to the park

Start off in the Peachcroft garden. Walk through the gate. Appreciate the flower beds as you walk between them and then turn left. Safely cross the road and enter the park. Find an area of grass.

Reflect and notice

Isaiah 40:8 (NIV)

The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.

Look at the grass and notice that a patch of grass is not just made up of grass, but may have other plants growing alongside it, maybe buttercups, daisies and dandelions.

Did you know there may be as many as 12,000 different species of grass? Did you know that 2.5m2 of grass produces enough oxygen for one adult? 


What is grass used for?

e.g. food for animals, garden lawns, football pitches, sugar cane is a grass! We can make paper out of grass, or thatch a roof.

Do you feel glad that God’s word doesn’t change like the seasons?

Thank God

Walk 2 

Through the park 

May be you would like to walk under the arch and turn right and follow the nature trail behind the playground, or you may wish to stick to the main path and observe from a distance.

Reflect and notice

See how many different sorts of plant you can see, including trees. Do any have seeds or fruits? Do you see any insects or other creatures interacting with the plants?


How many different creatures depend on plants? What do they use them for?

e.g. birds make nests in trees, insects pollinate flowers in return for nectar 

Thank God

For the fruits of the earth and for God's provision of good things for us to eat.

Walk 3  

To streams of water

At the end of the park, look over the railings at the stream.

Reflect and notice

How much water is there at present?

One of the impacts of Climate Change is the unpredictability of water - sometimes too much (floods) and sometimes too little (drought) - causing wild fires such as those in Greece.


How do we depend upon water?

e.g. drink, wash, grow our food, keep our gardens green


Pray for those who do not have enough water and especially at this time for those suffering the affects of wild fires.

Walk 4

Along a path

Turn East (left out of the park), along the cinder track.

Reflect and notice

Notice the flowers in people's gardens and alongside the path. Notice that some plants will grow just about anywhere.

Do you see any Buddleia on your travels? It is an amazing butterfly attractor but also spreads quite easily.


Are the flowers which grow alongside the path just weeds? Do they contribute to the environment in ways which we may not normally appreciate? See if you can spot any insects using 'weeds'.

e.g. the Comma, the Painted Lady and the Red Admiral butterflies all like nettles, even if we don't!

Thank God

For the diversity of nature and that God provides for all his creatures.

Walk 5

Through our built environment

Turn left into Norris Close and walk to the end.

Reflect and notice

As you walk reflect upon the built environment. Compare the houses with patches of grass and shrubs compared with those which have paved front gardens. Right at the end of Norris Close there is a garden with lavender (can you smell it?). All green plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - reducing global warming, so the more the better. They also provide food and habitats for creatures at the bottom of the food chain, without whom we could not exist.


Have we got the right balance of providing for nature within our properties? What attracts wildlife to our gardens and could we do more to encourage biodiversity?


Pray for a greater awareness of the little steps that we can each take to improve our planet.

Walk 6

Return to church

Turn left towards the shops and left again at the roundabout and return to the start, crossing safely back to the church.

Genesis 8:22 (NIV)

“As long as the earth endures,

seedtime and harvest,

cold and heat,

summer and winter,

day and night

will never cease.”

Thank God

For his promises.


Just in case you want to check you're on the right path!